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a knight with a violin

by: Judith Laik
ISBN-13: 978-1541336209 (Trade paperback)
ISBN: 9781370476107 (Smashwords)
Release Date: December 29, 2016

A novella in the Unsuitable Bride series

A violinist with a mission

When musician Bayard Pytchley’s childhood sweetheart is abducted, he sets aside his newly realized ambition of playing in the Florenz Theatre orchestra to rush to her rescue.

A stroke of fate strands Bayard with a down-on-their-luck thespian troupe. Viviana Fairweather’s joie de vivre inspires him as only music did before. Despite his noble intentions, Bayard proves all too susceptible to the charms of the troupe’s beautiful leading actress.

A free-spirited actress

Viviana cannot imagine a more satisfying life than touring with her family and performing for ordinary folk in the towns and villages of rural England. But when violinist Bayard Pytchley joins their troupe temporarily, she realizes what she has been missing—a man to share her life and love.

Caught between honor and love

Viviana can’t help but admire the man for his loyalty. Yet, how will her shattered heart mend when he leaves the troupe to search for his first love? What’s a man of honor to do when he falls in love with the wrong woman?



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“an unusual journey to historical Regency England coupled with a moving romance”
- Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today website

the lady in question

by: Judith Laik
ISBN: TBD (Trade paperback)
Release Date: August 29, 2014

A Daphne du Maurier Contest finalist and Bookseller's Best finalist

A fateful toss of the dice

Charlotte Treadwell is outraged when she learns her gaming-mad papa has just forfeited her in a game of hazard. Suddenly she is the “property” of Hugh Brooks, Earl of Rayfield, a rake and a gambler who couldn’t possibly understand that her passionate heart is taken up with helping those less fortunate than she.

A perilous game of chance

Rayfield must stop an aristocratic spy from inflicting the horrors of revolution upon England. How can he keep his mind on his duties when the tempting woman he has just won is the fiery daughter of his prime suspect?

Love is the most dangerous gamble of all . . .



“With a little matchmaking from Charlotte’s former servants, Charlotte and Rayfield find themselves embroiled in a much more dangerous game - that of love, and then the sparks really fly.” - Valarie Pelissero, Rakehell


With a lovely regency voice Ms. Laik fashions a sweet tale that fans of this genre should look forward to without the shock value that some authors utilize in spicing up their romances. Laik focuses more on character development and building a memorable love story which is very refreshing. This book should be put on all traditional Regency genre lovers shopping lists. Marilyn Rondeau – Reviewers International Organization ( RIO ), CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

" . . . the powerful yearning Hugh and Charlotte share makes this a must-read. Judith Laik's story is one of mystery and intrigue-- and draws to a close with a thoroughly exciting conclusion."
4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick,- Romantic Times Bookclub

"Rayfield is my favorite type of bad-boy ..." - Robyn Roberts, Once Upon a Romance website

"Ms. Laik writes with a regal pen ... How completely refreshing!" - Janalee Ruschhaupt, Love Romances website

"Judith Laik's second book The Lady in Question proves that she truly is an author to watch ... she pulls the reader into the turmoil of the Luddite uprising with her deft writing. The Lady in Question has a well-matched hero and heroine, delightful secondary characters and a story that is full of intrigue and mystery." - Valarie Pelissero,

" ... a complex and interesting plot ... coupled with a moving romance ..." - Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today website

"This story drew me in and had me cheering and jeering with each victory and set-back the couple faced." - Char, Romance Junkies website


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“A deliciously improper debut...”
- Eloisa James, Much Ado About You

the lady is mine

by: Judith Laik
ISBN: 9781500774868 (Trade Paperback)
Release Date: Aug 09 2014

A HOLT Medallion finalist

He needed a solution

When an innocent carriage drive leads to a few stolen kisses and a hasty proposal, Lord Beldon must find a way out of a most inconvenient betrothal. Miss Harriet Vernon is not the tall, elegant lady he envisioned for his wife. His solution: invite her to his country home. He believes a fortnight with his quarrelsome family will send her running the other way.

She had a plan

Harriet is no happier with the situation. If only she hadn’t been so dazzled by Lord Beldon’s handsomeness and dazed by his kisses, she never would have agreed to his proposal. Marriage isn’t in her plans—she wants to travel and see the world. If she brings her ravishing younger sister to his country home, the beautiful pair is bound to fall in love, leaving Harriet free to pursue her goal.

Unfortunately it wasn’t working . . . for either of them

Harriet and Beldon can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, and with interfering families, hot pursuit by other candidates for their hands and a pantomime to perform, will these two misguided lovers ever discover they were meant for each other?


Here's the cover of the Portuguese-language version of The Lady is Mine which was published in Brazil.

the lady is mine - brazil


"Sometimes what the mind thinks it wants, the heart will speak another language all it’s own, called love… " - Janalee Ruschhaupt, Love Romances website


This was an absolutely enchanting love story that felt like a breath of fresh air sparkling with a brace of raciness that most traditional regencies lack. Well researched and written in perfect regency cant the reader will be transported back to the drawing rooms and ballrooms of that long ago glittering period with vivid descriptions that accurately portray this era. Marilyn Rondeau – Reviewers International Organization ( RIO ) CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

"The Lady Is Judith Laik is a nicely woven debut."
- Robin Taylor, Romantic Times Magazine

"Throw in a dysfunctional family, a widow who has designs on Lord Beldon, two of Harriet's suitors vying for her hand, and you have the makings of an entertaining house party. The Lady is Mine is a very good debut book, and I am eagerly looking forward to her next."
- Valarie Pelissero,

"I fell in love with our heroine Harriet on the very first page of the book ... I found myself giggling off and on with Harriet's antics and grand plans." - Robyn Roberts, Once Upon a Romance website

"Just brilliant! ... a magically wonderful tale." - Janalee Ruschhaupt, Love Romances website

The Lady is Mine is a very refreshing, fast paced book that took me from start to finish with a smile on my face ... made me want to go back and re-read it as soon as I turned the last page." - Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader at Heart website


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judith laik's Lord Satan

by: Judith Laik
Release Date: April 20, 2014

Miss Elizabeth Bishop is a vicar’s daughter with a mission: get evidence to prove that Lord Neil Colton is trying to murder his nephew Trevor, the Marquis of Cauldreigh, so he can inherit the title and riches. But not only is Lord Neil foiling her every attempt, he is also a tempting distraction. Is her attraction to the sophisticated aristocrat proof that, as her father always warned her, the devil wears a handsome face?

Lord Neil Colton has spent his life cultivating sophisticated detachment, but his family means everything. He sets a trap for his nephew’s nemesis, but his efforts are undermined by a stubborn miss who manages to get in his way at every turn. He’s determined to protect both Trevor and Miss Elizabeth Bishop—but is his heart in even more danger?



Coming Soon!


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judith laik's my funny valentine

by: Judith Laik
Release Date: February, 2014

My Funny Valentine is connected to Sentimental Journey through the friendship of Norma McIlroy with Eve Larson. The heroines of both stories teach at Central Elementary School in Tacoma. Norma volunteers at the USO, a commitment originally made because she hoped it would be a good place to find the husband she has wanted all her life. But once she spends time there, she becomes involved in the lives of those around her, the young GIs who need a sympathetic ear, and other volunteers. One of these volunteers is Frank Atwater. His purpose was to contribute what he could to the war since his military service was rejected. And Norma treasures their friendship, never suspecting that Frank wants their relationship to be much more.

Yet even from their supposedly safe haven in Tacoma, the war reaches out and draws them to Austria and to a danger-filled mission. Will they succeed at a desperate rescue? And will Norma realize the friendship with Frank could be so much more?

My Funny Valentine also has references to real sites in Tacoma, and just as with Sentimental Journey, music of the era is threaded through the story. I hope that readers unfamiliar with the wonderful Big Band era music will take the time to learn more about it.



Friends to forever love, such a sweet treat! -- Heather Hiestand, author of The Marquess of Cake

Heartwarming, tender, and with just enough intrigue—Judith Laik’s story evokes the nostalgic romance of the Greatest Generation and the Big Band era.  — Jacquie Rogers, author of the Hearts of Owyhee series


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sentimental journey

by: Judith Laik
Release Date: August, 2012

"Sentimental Journey" takes place during WWII and features Howie and Eve, young lovers torn apart by the misfortunes of war. Before Howie ships out the next morning, Eve and her sweetheart spend the night dancing. It is a bittersweet evening for them both, because the specter of war and possible death looms between them. Will Howie come home safe after the war or will he be one of its victims? Only the blue moon knows, and only a tearful wish upon a blue moon proves that love transcends all, even tragedy.

"Sentimental Journey" was a departure from my usual historical fare, and I loved writing it. The story takes its title from an old song popular during the war years. It's one of my favorite periods, musically speaking, and I really enjoyed a walk down memory lane as I looked up song titles from the era to include in the story.

I also mention The Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the story. The bridge was known as "Galloping Gertie" for the way she bucked and twisted on windy days. By the time my story opens, the bridge had already broken apart in a breathtaking spectacle during a windstorm, plunging hundreds of feet to a saltwater grave. I've included several links about the Narrows Bridge and other Tacoma landmarks mentioned in the story on my Articles page.




Judith Laik's tale of heartbreak and loneliness is very poignant. This touching story is sure to invoke strong emotions in the reader as Ms. Laik has a definite gift with words. Sentimental Journey is both heart wrenching and heart warming and one expects to see Ms. Laik become a huge force in the romance genre. - Reviewed by Debbie, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

Emotionally powerful, Sentimental Journey lives up to its name.~ Gina Robinson, bestselling author of the Agent Ex romances

My wish is granted! This dreamy read will make you want to find some big band music and dance the night away. ~ Heather Hiestand, author of Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas

Judith Laik has created a spell as binding as the Blue Moon itself. For a few minutes, she takes you back to an era of Jimmy Stewart, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Tyrone Powers and Bogart's movies with her trip down a musical memory lane. Laik paints her nostalgia with just the right stroke of her word brush... Suddenly, you are in the 1940s. Two lovers separated by war bring the angst and passion they experience directly to the reader. ~ Norman Wilson, author of So You THINK You Want to Be A Buddhist?


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around the circle gentlyAROUND THE CIRCLE GENTLY — A Book of Birth, Families, and Life
Edited by Judith Laik and Lynn Moen
ISBN 0890877661
September 1995
Second Edition: 2010
Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press

Around the Circle Gently is a lovely book of quotations that I co-edited with Lynn Moen. I use quotes from this book on my home page.


"What a feast! Around the Circle Gently is a book that you will not only find hard to put down, but one which will keep you looking for opportunities to share its gems with others. The wise and witty quotes delightfully capture the wide range of emotions and experiences that are common to all families. A unique and inspiring volume." - Marian Tompson, founder and former president of La Leche League International

"This [collection] is like a box full of small treasures that come from the wisdom of the heart and the grit of real experience." - Suzanne Arms, author of Immaculate Deception, coauthor of Bestfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for You

"Around the Circle Gently captures the wit and wisdom, the joy and pain, of the tapestry of life. The quotes are like bold line drawings, indicating so much more than they actually say. A real delight!" - Rahima Baldwin, midwife and author of Special Delivery

"A magnificent compilation of thought-provoking, humorous, and poignant truths. They tend to linger and shed just a bit more light on the mysteries and wonders of the life cycle." - Penny Simkin, author of The Birth Primer

"5 Stars - Wonderful quotes about life from beginning to end. This book was beautifully constructed and edited following the family life cycle. It belongs on everybody's coffee table." - Reader review, Amazon, 11/96


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under whose influenceUnder Whose Influence?
A Decision Is Yours Book (Decision Is Yours, Book 5)

By Judy Laik
ISBN 0943990971
November 1993
Publisher: Parenting Press

"The Decision is Yours" series of books addresses common issues faced by elementary and middle school children. These books are interactive, and the reader is given a chance to make a decision that will affect the outcome of the story. After making their choice, readers follow the story to its conclusion, based on their decision. In Under Whose Influence? a young girl's friends get into their parents' liquor cabinet and begin drinking, placing the girl in the awkward position of having to make difficult choices.

This book was reprinted in Chinese a few years ago, which is kind of fun. I get a real kick out of going to my bookshelf and seeing two versions of the same book: English and Chinese.





"5 Stars - Does not sugar-coat difficult ethical decisions. Some books would have everything turn out perfectly if the protagonist makes the "right" decision. This particular book supports good choices, but also makes it clear that good choices do not always have perfect outcomes. I have recommended this series to an elementary school that was developing an ethics curriculum ..." - Carol Watkins, Psychiatrist, 5/01

"Under Whose Influence with its page-by-page challenges offers the reader opportunities to think about what is happening, consider obvious consequences, and then make a decision." —Louise Tracy, 8/94


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the mysterious delaneys The Mysterious Delaneys
from the anthology - A Horse's Tale: Ten Adventures in 100 Years

By Judy Laik
ISBN 0943990505
December 1988
Publisher: Parenting Press

A toy horse takes a journey of 100 years, passing down through the decades to 10 different children growing up in Washington State. The story begins in the 1890s with an eleven-year-old on a wheat farm. It includes stories about such diverse children as a Native American girl sent to boarding school, a logger's son who conquers his fear of heights, a polio victim who meets President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a Laotian immigrant settling into an American school. This book continues to be used extensively by elementary schools and home-schoolers throughout Washington State.



"This is ideal for state history in grades 3-6." - The Home School: Books and Supplies, 5/97

"This book is a wonderful way to introduce young readers to children their own age who experienced history and the changes brought about by time." - The Bulletin, 11/89

"Enduring themes of childhood fears, friends, and family bring history closer to today's children." - Washington Heritage Bulletin, vol.10 #5, Jan./Feb. 1989


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