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The first book in The Peasebotham Regency Chronicles series:

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Lord Satan

Miss Elizabeth Bishop is a vicar’s daughter with a mission: get evidence to prove that Lord Neil Colton is trying to murder his nephew Trevor, the Marquis of Cauldreigh, so he can inherit the title and riches. But not only is Lord Neil foiling her every attempt, he is also a tempting distraction. Is her attraction to the sophisticated aristocrat proof that, as her father always warned her, the devil wears a handsome face?

Lord Neil Colton has spent his life cultivating sophisticated detachment, but his family means everything. He sets a trap for his nephew’s nemesis, but his efforts are undermined by a stubborn miss who manages to get in his way at every turn. He’s determined to protect both Trevor and Miss Elizabeth Bishop—but is his heart in even more danger?

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judith laik's my funny valentine

Announcing the second story in the World War II: When a Hero Comes Marching Home series!

an overview of judith laik's book my funny valentine

Norma McIlroy is holding out for a hero of her own. It shouldn’t be hard when World War II is raging and every able-bodied young man wants to do his part. But true heroes prove more elusive than Norma dreamed.

Frank Atwater wanted nothing more than the chance to give his all for his country, and was devastated to be rejected by the armed forces. He knows Norma will never see the true love hidden behind his coke-bottle glasses.

When danger threatens Norma, can Frank prove he’s got the right stuff after all?

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Friends to forever love, such a sweet treat! —Heather Hiestand, author of The Marquess of Cake

Heartwarming, tender, and with just enough intrigue—Judith Laik’s story evokes the nostalgic romance of the Greatest Generation and the Big Band era.  —Jacquie Rogers, author of the Hearts of Owyhee series

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judith laik's sentimental journey

Sentimental Journey, the first story in the “World War II: When a Hero Comes Marching Home” series has been rereleased with a stunning new cover by Wicked Smart Designs’ Dar Albert.

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Eve Larson puts on a happy face for her fiancé on their last evening together, hiding her terror for the future as he marches off to war. When the unthinkable happens, she resigns herself to a lonely life without Howie. But a blue moon offers hope love can be restored.

Howard Murphy promises he’ll come back to Eve and pledges his undying love before he leaves her to fight in the war. When his plane goes down off the coast of England, it seems he has no choice but to break his promise. Could their faithful hearts offer a second chance for the lovers?

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